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Your resource for information on EverQuest Alternate Advancement (AA) Points.

Here is the Class status for who is included/in progress:
  • Included in Full: All 16 classes
    Special thanks to the following EverQuest players for their help in making this AA database a reality: Hibbs, Brittney, Saroc, Mykaylla, Jyve, Miasma, Xislaben, Waring, Niphreedil, Sandtree, Voragath, Brogett, Iheart, Beimeith, Florencia, Nickolus, Blabberpuss, Amio, Jerus, Lifeshriek, Aldren, Nedoirah, Nusa, Mazame, Cyrz, Warsheol, Yther, Tnexus, Moklianne, Lardorf and anyone else I missed.

    If any other classes would like their Archetype and Class AA's included in this site, please contact Crystilla on the EQLive forums, at www.eqclerics.org or at crystillamt@gmail.com.
    • For MAGE AA corrections, please contact Voragath on the EQLive forums or at www.eqmagetower.com
    • For ROGUE AA corrections, please contact Brogett on the EQLive forums or at http://www.thesafehouse.org/forums/index.php
    • For all other AA corrections, please contact Crystilla on the EQLive forums